Bernard is an extra-large gent,  about 9 years old, who dreams of being a slow-moving BFF to that special someone. At 94 pounds, he is no shrinking violet and he takes up most of the couch – but he has a gentle, loving soul.

Bernard was left outdoors in the elements most of his life and his skin and coat are still recovering.  He also has a bad knee, arthritis and some muscle atrophy in the hind end so stairs are not his strong point (and sometimes his enthusiasm gets the better of him).  He will need medication for his arthritis and also thyroid supplement longterm, and regular gentle exercise will help him a lot.

Bernard loves all people and he does great with cats and dogs too!  He can be left indoors all day with a dog door. We think he might be a mind reader because he always does the right thing before being asked.  This affectionate lug is easy to have around, he just needs an indoor home with some TLC while he’s on the road to being beautiful.  Tennis balls and dog cookies are encouraged.