Bert and Ernie’s Old Dog Haven journey started when they were left in a box, under a blanket on the shelter’s doorstep. These two darling dogs have various medical problems due to long-term neglect. They were both emaciated and had very long matted hair that was preventing them from walking.  The overgrowth of hair around Ernie’s eyes eventually caused them to have limited sight and their nails were overgrown causing issues when they walked. They were emaciated, had heart murmurs and terrible teeth. There are many risks for a dog with a heart condition to undergo anesthesia so they might not be able to have dental work done in the future.

After receiving a full exam with one of our vets, Bert was put on two different pain medications because of stiffness when standing and walking. Bert received injections and topical medications to help with his extremely itchy skin and was treated for an ear infection. Ernie is on an antibiotic for his infected teeth, and he is receiving eye drops twice a day to hopefully help improve his eyesight although the vet said there is no telling if his eyesight will improve.

They are the sweetest boys and usually cuddle together, with Ernie often laying partially on Bert.  Bert is very smart and now that he is on pain meds, he is more alert and aware of his surroundings.  Ernie is slowly gaining confidence to bravely go down the 3-inch step outside, even though he can’t see where he is going.  Ernie loves to be outside exploring and walking laps around the house and patio.  Bert spends most of his time resting and trying to gain back his strength.  Ernie has decided that he likes his new mom and will follow me around the house and it wouldn’t take much for either boy to become lap dogs.  All I need now is a couch big enough for all 5 dogs and me.

Bert and Ernie are a perfect fit for our foster family.  They are certainly diamonds in the “ruff” and I am hoping that they will be able to live long and comfortable lives with me and their other foster siblings.  All they need is good food and lots of love.

Update: Bert, the very old little shih tzu was only able to stay in his new loving home for 10 months before his health suddenly failed him.  He came such a long way thanks to his amazing Final Refuge mom, and he will be greatly missed.   His mom is now helping Ernie adjust too.

Final Update:  Dear Ernie carried on bravely even after losing his brother Bert, due in large part to the love and care he received from his amazing Rinal Refuge Mom.  He was totally devoted to her and the feeling was certainly mutual.  Finally, however, his health failed him and he went to join Bert.  Ernie will be forever remembered and in the heart of his Final Refuge Mom.

Bert (RIP January 25, 2024)