Please note: This is not an ODH dog.

11 year old Beulah is a lovely red brindle bullmastiff. She’s considered a “small” version of her breed at only 85 pounds. Beulah has never lived with other dogs before but she’s said to have interacted well with other friendly dogs she’s met while out and about and while being boarded. Her only issue in the past with other dogs has been around feeding time; in our experience it’s wise to feed dogs separately if possible. Beulah has lived with a cat. She’s never spent much time around children so it is unknown how she’d react to young kids. Beulah has a history of skin allergies. She needs someone who can give her regular baths. Recently Beulah has been given a steroid to help her skin. She gets occasional discharge in one eye; this could be from allergies. Ideally she’ll find a home with someone who can have her seen by a vet to help her get her allergies to a place where they don’t bother her. As we hear so often, Beulah appears to have developed arthritis. A home without too many stairs for her to climb would be best.

Beulah is said to be good on leash and while she doesn’t expect much exercise, time out to stretch her legs and smell new smells can help keep an older dog feeling good. We are told Beulah can stay alone for a work day. It’d be nice for her to have the option to stay inside and go out as needed when left alone. Sweet Beulah is a laid back dog who is deserving of a great home with love and care.

Beulah is currently living in Bellingham, WA.

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.