ODH was asked to help find Birk, a charming Jack Russell Terrier, a new home. He’d been part of the family all his life but now they were busy with activities that didn’t include him and he was being boarded much of the time. His age and perhaps his breed seemed to deter adopters so when a suitable Final Refuge home opened up we sent little Birk there. He showed signs of being “out of sight, out of mind”: skin issues, infected ears, and a withdrawn personality. All that changed rapidly, however! He has moved in, the ruler of his sofa, and an extremely happy little fellow. Skin is all better, his ears are fine, he’s energetic and outgoing and very affectionate. Some diligent care and a family that really wanted him has made a great difference to this dog. Which makes us all happy!

From his ODH mom: He is full off nonsense and will let you know when he wants something. At16 going strong, Birk wakes me up every morning with a kiss and paw on my head….time for morning cookie. Getting older can be better, he’s slowed down a bit and for a Jack that’s kinda nice. Birk is blind in one eye and hard of hearing, however his nose can smell a food from a mile away. Don’t leave pizza laying around….gonzo. He LOVES the beach.

Update:  Birk, like too many elderly folks, was overtaken by pneumonia that his body couldn’t fight off. His ODH mom adored him and is so glad that he was part of her life for nearly 4 years.