Black Jack was an English Springer spaniel’s breeder’s “oops” – father was a Labrador. Jack is an adorable combination who looks like a Springer with a thicker black coat and a docked tail that’s also thick like a Lab. He’s as exuberant but gentle as either breed, as wiggly as both combined, and as enthusiastic about sniffing around as a well bred bird dog. Unfortunately, Jack has had two episodes of bladder stones, the type that return easily unless a prescription diet and careful monitoring by the vet are religiously followed. Sadly Jack is now also suffering from serious liver disease. His spirits remain good, his wiggling abilities strong, so we hope careful treatment will keep him with us a lot longer. (Updated October 2012) Our dear Jack faded quietly, getting very old in just a few months. He’d been fighting liver disease for 3 years but excellent vet care had held that at bay, his bladder stones hadn’t returned, he just faded. After more than 4 years in his ODH home we hated to see him go; he was very much loved. Black Jack passed away March, 2015.