Found- PERMANENT ODH FOSTER HOME:   Black lab mix, neutered male, obese at 85#.  This great dog is mostly very healthy but has a cough/bit of wheeze when excited or exercising.   This could be simply because he’s overweight but shelter vets suspect it is “lar par” (laryngeal paralysis) which cannot be treated.  This means at best that he shouldn’t be exercised vigorously and not at all in the heat, and should be kept in cool places during hot weather.   Caution:   this condition usually leads to an early death.   However, this instead could be some age-related changes in his lungs plus a very fat dog – if we’re lucky, getting the weight off will vastly decrease the problem.    He has very good manners, is housebroken, good on leash and loves to go.   He has been fine in temporary foster without other dogs, stays at home for a few hours OK, but  would probably like to have a dog buddy or two.    A delightful dog who would love to join your family!

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