FOUND – PERMANENT ODH FOSTER HOME:    Very old lady toy poodle, 7#, still thin but gaining some weight.    Female (probably but not certainly spayed) toy  poodle, 7#.    This little lady is basically blind – she has cataracts and can see shadows but that’s all  She takes a walk in the morning and then sleeps the rest of the day which isn’t surprising since she also is hard of hearing.   She is housebroken but needs to go out frequently and will use a potty pad if you’re not there to let her out..   She has not had any labwork done at the shelter so we don’t know how her organs are working and there may be surprises.    Going to the shelter was extremely stressful but she has settled in nicely to a temporary foster.      Adorable little dog who needs a warm bed/lap to hang out in for the rest of her life.

Help ODH Home Found for Blind Toy Poodle Girl 7#

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