Bobby’s start in life was unknown – he was found on the streets of Skagit county. He came into an Old Dog Haven final refuge foster home at the beginning of October 2014. Bobby turned out to be mostly blind, partly deaf, arthritic, and with only a couple of mostly healthy teeth. But he had much love to give and adjusted very well. Bobby loved laying in the sun, going for short walks, greeting his ODH Mom with slow-motion wags, and having easy-to-eat treats. Since he had no teeth, Bobby didn’t chew on toys but would gum his favorite toy bird to death and when he felt he had sufficiently “killed” it, he would drown it in the water bowl or leave it in the yard. In the winter, Bobby enjoyed spending time on a cushy bed by the fireplace and was pleased to have a stocking all to himself hanging from the mantel at Christmas time. Over time, Bobby’s little body kept slowing down, his senses becoming even less sharp, dementia setting in, his mobility decreasing. Having experienced almost 9 months in the safety of a loving home, Bobby passed away in June 2015. He is forever loved by all who met him. Bobby died June 27, 2015