Bogart, a tiny Maltese, was found wandering in Lynnwood and turned into a shelter. Like so many older dogs his spirit (and cuteness) shone through his considerable physical issues and the shelter found a family to care for him until Old Dog Haven could claim him. His Old Dog Haven ‘mom‘ picked him up, and like that, they bonded.

Bogart was miniature, even for a Maltese, but he immediately claimed his new home demanding, like the quintessential little brother, to be included in everything. He likely lived inside in his previous life and did not understand walks outside until he saw his ‘big brothers’ do it. Then he took to walking, sniffing and peeing with Olympian ability and joy. Despite a ferocious heart murmur (you could hear his heart whoosh across the room) he charged through his time with us barking, asking for pets, doing joy circles for food, and then snoozing happily in his little bed. He died, as he lived, keeling over only days after showing renewed heart symptoms.

Dear friends gave us a wind chime to remember Bogart and now we sit in the yard he loved and hear him running on the wind, making beautiful happy sounds. Bye Boges, we’ll alway feel you beside us.