Ginny Bug and I had the pleasure of having Boo come to stay with us in July 2020.  He was 51 pounds of fluff, a handsome Australian Shepherd.  He was an abuse case, so quirky on a few things.  He loved our home and loved all visitors, dogs and people alike.

Bug and he squabbled once in a while about whose person I was,  but he learned very quickly that he got lots of love!  He loved toys and would gather them out of the toy box and place them around him on the rug.  He too was blessed by Deacon Dennis.

He was an easy keeper, arthritis in his back legs was his only problem.  I had this handsome fellow for almost a whole year before I had to put him down.  He had suffered a change in his mentation after I had a leg surgery and ended up in rehab afterward, being gone for a month.  I had another surgery scheduled later that year, so after getting him back from Judith and Lee, we had a few months together until we had to say goodbye here at my home.  Miss you Boo!