BooBoo was half of a pair of dogs surrendered by their owner to the shelter shortly before Christmas 2014. He was intact (cryptorchid), grossly obese and couldn’t take more than a couple steps without falling over. An Old Dog Haven Final Refuge home was found for the boys together. Of the 2 dogs, his foster family didn’t think he’d be around very long. BooBoo surprised his family and his vets by outliving his “son” Munchie who had been surrendered with him. BooBoo had Cushings and thanks, to Old Dog Haven donors, he was treated for it and kept comfortable for quite some time. BooBoo lost the weight he needed and enjoyed his walks thoroughly. He was a great ride along in the car buddy and would tag along to vet appointments and errands with his foster mom. BooBoo was a wonderful, sweet boy who made a lot of friends-both canine and human. As often happens with dogs who have Cushings, BooBoo suffered what must have been a stroke. His foster family knew it was time to send BooBoo on.

As he was leaving, his foster mom told BooBoo that Munchie was waiting for him on the other side. BooBoo is sorely missed by his foster family but thinking of him will always make them smile.