13 year old Boomer is a 72 pound Labradoodle. A very sad and sudden life-changing event has turned Boomer’s once wonderful life around. While he’s still a very loved boy, his people can no longer care for him. Boomer now finds himself in need of a new home.

We’re told that in the past Boomer lived with other dogs. He has little patience for dogs that jump on him-one can’t fault him for that! He’s an older boy with hip displaysia. Ideally Boomer would be an only dog but perhaps he would do fine in a home with a quiet, submissive, older dog like himself. Boomer has never lived with cats but is reportedly “indifferent” about them. He has always been carefully supervised around children. Considering his age and size, a home with older kids would more than likely be best for Boomer.

Up until recently Boomer went along with his person to work everyday. He was a wonderful companion for his person and they spent almost all of their time together. Unfortunately that is no longer possible and Boomer is spending his days tied outside. His remaining family member cannot care for him anymore as she is caring for Boomer’s beloved person. Boomer does come inside in the evening when his owner returns home from caring for her husband. Undoubtedly Boomer would appreciate being inside when he pleases with the company of a person he can devote himself to.

Boomer does take medication for his hip dysplasia as well Apoquel for allergies and thyroid medication. He will need an adopter who can afford to keep him on these medications and one who will continue to give him regular veterinary care. While Boomer doesn’t shed he will need someone who can maintain his grooming. His is part poodle, after all.

Boomer enjoys daily walks but no hills for him! Stairs are hard for him to manage. Don’t let him fool you though, he can still pull on lead when he wants to! Boomer doesn’t like being left alone in a car. His vision and hearing have diminished some with age but we are told he still gets around just fine.

This handsome, sweet boy posted for his owners in Seattle, WA. For contact information please email: placement@olddoghaven.org

Boomer is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation. 

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