Boomer the labradoodle is between 12-13 years old. He weighs 63 pounds. He is a very sweet and loving dog whose owner had a life altering injury and can no longer care for himself.  Boomer loves this man dearly and misses him so much.  It’s all just sad.

Boomer is now in a Rebecca’s Rainbow foster home. It is the fourth home of his life.  That is too many for any dog and the plan is that this next and fifth family and home must be his final one.

Boomer does have some health issues which until recently had not been definitively addressed. Since coming into rescue Boomer has begun to receive Adequan injections to help with arthritis in his hip and knee.  He may need to be on Apoquel and a strict diet to help with skin allergies.  Possibly diet alone, will be sufficient.  Boomer is a work in progress and thankfully Rebecca’s Rainbow rescue is doing their very best for him.

He will reward you with love, devotion, and the deepest and most soulful eyes you have ever seen.  Lying on the floor or grass with you gives him great joy.  Providing a last home to a senior dog is more rewarding than is possible to put words to.

Boomer needs a single level floor plan, one or two wide and gracious steps into the house would be fine.  He is potty trained and just likes to go outside for his business.  He will need a securely fenced yard.  He does like to wander off.  The hope is to find a home for Boomer where someone is home for a good part of the day.  In his current foster home he is happy by himself on his bed and so far has not been destructive when left alone.  Someone who works from home or is retired or independent would make the best home for him.

Boomer is with Rebecca’s Rainbow and is being fostered in Kirkland WA. For more information about Boomer, please contact:

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.