“My name is Brandy. I am a spaniel boy who got to keep my tail.  I am a 10 year old fellow who was a loyal companion to my person throughout his stays at multiple assisted living homes. My person was no longer able to care for me so I needed to find a new home. Extended family is helping me do that. I hope to find a permanent home soon. I’d love to find a home with a person or family who are home often as I am used to having company.

“I am currently living in a temporary home with a young lab and a senior golden retriever and doing very well with the dogs. I have lived with cats in the past and could do well in a home with older children. My only issue is when someone tries to take my tennis ball away! I am possessive of my tennis ball.

“With my person I had scheduled potty breaks in the assisted living homes. I am not a dog who is accustomed to going long hours without being able to relieve myself.  I need someone who can be sure I get out regularly and not get too upset with me as I learn a new routine. One must understand that as a companion dog of an elderly person living in a controlled environment, we dogs aren’t used to being left alone much and we aren’t always socialized much. Luckily I have had more life experience and have adapted pretty well to this temporary home I’m staying in now. I am not much of a barker which seems to please folks.

“A home where I get to go out for daily walks would be wonderful. Family will tell you I do well on leash. I can do stairs at this time. I have had some vetting but not recently. My adopter needs to be able to take me to a vet regularly for senior dog check ups. Because I’m a spaniel, I also need someone who can afford regular grooming to keep me looking good.

“If you are ready for a new friend who is in need of a lifelong commitment, I am your guy!”

Brandy is located in Lynnwood, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.