A little over a year before she arrived at Old Dog Haven, Bridget Rose was a stray on the streets of Seattle. A shelter took her in and treated her most pressing medical issues – removed a mass, removed her eye and pulled several teeth. In July 2015 she was adopted into a wonderful home. In June of 2016 her person died suddenly and Bridget was once again homeless. The family was not able to take her in but a neighbor took care of her; unfortunately the neighbor could not keep her either. The family was committed to finding her a good home and they reached out to Old Dog Haven.

From her ODH mom: This happened just a couple of weeks after I lost my precious Reggie. I said I would rather not have another Shih Tzu and I wanted a boy, but I would go meet her. I met her on July 1, 2016 and it was love at first sight so she came home with me that night. She has a heart murmur and low thyroid, but for now she’s stable. She was pretty shut down when she came, but is starting to come out of her shell and show me the delightful, funny little girl that she is. She completes my little group of three one-eyed girls.

Bridget Rose flourished for about a year before Cushings disease and neurologic issues took over and treatment seemed to make things worse.   She was sent on her way with a great deal of love.