Brittany is a Powderpuff Chinese Crested dog who came from a shelter, where she was described as blind and diagnosed with very advanced dental disease along with what was thought to be a serious heart condition.  After she came into Old Dog Haven care, a thorough examination by a veterinarian and cardiologist found that she has mild mitral valve disease that will likely progress with time but that Brittany has no heart arrhythmias whatsoever – good news! Perhaps she was a simply terrified dog at the shelter?

Brittany doesn’t have much vision, but she manages quite well.  She has now had a badly needed dental procedure and a mass removed from the top of her head, and is settling in very happily to enjoy her new life of ease.

Brittany’s ODH Final Refuge mom tells us,”A friend described her as elegant and I agree with that. She is an awesome being. Her ‘singing’ is heart warming. Sometimes it feels like she is saying thank you.  She sings spontaneously before meals and when I come home from being away for a bit. She is enjoying being loved with attention and love pats.”