Tall, dark and handsome Bronson is a lab mix who is not quite 11 years old. Bronson weighs about 65 pounds. Bronson gets along with many dogs but sometimes can be choosy about which dogs he wants to be friends with. He has done well playing with other dogs while being boarded. The belief is that Bronson would be happiest in a home as an only dog. Bronson currently resides with 2 cats and he for the most part is uninterested in them and tolerates them rubbing their bodies on his face. A nice, big buddy!

Bronson has not ever been observed around children but his caregiver believes he may be OK with older children, introduced to him in a calm environment. Bronson can be protective when someone new comes to his home. His caregiver has introduced him to visitors outside the house and then walked him in with guests. Once Bronson has met you, he really likes you!

This is a very smart dog; he knows basic commands and it sounds as though he has been taught some manners.  Bronson enjoys his multiple daily walks. He does well on leash for the most part but can pull a little when picks up the scent of something interesting.  He will bark at times but is good about stopping once he’s told to do so. We’d bet Bronson would thrive in a home with someone who wants to take his training even further.

Bronson is crate trained and accustomed to staying in his crate when his caregiver is away from home. At this time Bronson manages quite a few hours before having a potty break. Ideally his adoptive home will be able to let him out for potty breaks more often. Bronson does seem to enjoy the coziness of his crate as some dogs do!

In the past Bronson has needed help for his skin and taken the drug Apoquel for that. His adopter should be prepared to keep him up to date on vetting and regular bathing to keep his skin as healthy as possible. He does need to be sedated for nail trims.  A good diet and supplement for his apparent arthritis would be best for Bronson. Bronson can manage stairs at this time.

Bronson is a loving boy who really appreciates human touch and affection. He sounds like a special dog who will be a devoted friend and companion. Bronson is posted for his caregiver in Seattle, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.