Bruce is a little old man, an 11-pound – well, we’re not sure what’s in his breeding, maybe shih tzu with poodle? Regardless, he’s adorable! He came into the shelter with a nice new haircut, but no one came to claim him. Since he was elderly and a bit confused, ODH was asked to take him. He was quickly neutered and had a badly needed dental, and then we started to deal with his wobbling and pain episodes. Problems in his back were discovered; medication has made him much more comfortable – he is happy to leap around for greetings or for mealtime, and he’ll occasionally play with one of the other dogs in his Final Refuge home. His Final Refuge family says he’s becoming younger every day. At some point the damage in his spine will overcome him but for now he is a happy and affectionate little guy who’s a great companion.


Although his official name was Bruce, he thought it was ” Bruce, will you please move.”  It was with a saddened heart that we finally decided we had to let him go.  When we got Bruce, he was already an old man that had been picked up as a stray.  ODH thought that we could give him a good foster home and make him as comfortable as possible for his few remaining years.  Much to our pleasure that “few remaining years” turned out to be 5 1/2 years.  Although medical care was able to alleviate most of his aches and pains, unfortunately it couldn’t delay the dementia that was taking over his mind.  Two of his favorite things were representing ODH at events and going to the picnic in his little red wagon.

As mule headed as he could be, we’ll miss him.  Thank you ODH for all you did for him.