From Bubba’s Final Refuge Mom:  “I originally got Bubba, 58 pound, beautiful chocolate lab mix as a temporary foster. He needed a home immediately and no one was quickly available.

“We knew he had a horrendous urinary tract infection and ear infection, was leaking urine, had lots of lumps and bumps and possibly kidney disease. I started on his vetting right away and it was shortly thereafter we got the bad news. His kidney values were 50% worse in just 12 days. The veterinarian suggested it was best for Bubba to not be moved from my house, he probably didn’t have much time left.

“So my beautiful friend became my permanent ODH foster. Given the rate his kidney disease was progressed, we didn’t have nearly long enough with this dear boy.  Bubba was a joy to be around, he loved everyone and had instantly bonded with his 2 new dog sisters, Tina and Claire.

“Bubba loved my grandkids and husband. We nicknamed him Mr. Wiggles since his tail never stopped wagging. We wish we could have had much more time with this special pup, but we are comforted in knowing that Bubba knew how much he was treasured.  And, we are grateful for the time we had with him.