Bubble started out her ODH trip in pretty sad shape. Her owners had taken her to a shelter because she was incontinent. There it was obvious that she was ill and in pain. A wonderful foster mom stepped in temporarily to get her to an emergency vet appointment where xray revealed an unbelievably huge bladder stone. Surgery was performed immediately.

It wasn’t clear if her owners had not been feeding her or if the pain had taken away her appetite (most likely since it was days before she would eat much), but she was painfully thin. It was touch and go for the first week whether Bubble had the will to fight her way back to health, but then rather abruptly she decided that maybe life in the Final Refuge home where she landed with other pugs was good after all. We are so glad she didn’t give up!

Bubble has become a happy, funny little dog whose personality continues to emerge. Being a pug she thoroughly enjoyed the process of putting on the pounds and before long she was back to a healthy weight. Her foster mom and dad joke that she needs a brow-lift–when she is relaxed all the pug wrinkles from the top of her head seem to fall down above her eyes, making her frown. Don’t mistake her mood however–she loves everyone and loves all the attention she can get. Besides her funny frown, her most distinctive feature is her beautiful red color.

Everyone who meets her comments “I’ve never seen a pug that color before!”