Buckley came to us only 6 1/2 months ago, originally from a shelter in Los Angeles. His paperwork says he was owner-surrendered but the staff was guessing at his age. If only he could have told the real story. By the time he came to us his kidney disease was serious as was his blood pressure. Buckley had trust issues so it took us almost two months to truly gain his trust. He was a very handsome Beagle mix, perhaps Bassett was the rest. He had the softest ears, they felt like velvet. He was very proud and, when we gained his trust, very loving. He would lie down, turn over on his back and ask for a tummy rub. Buckley was a very vocal boy and loved to let everyone know what was happening, be it a walk or a car ride. He got great pleasure in chasing a squirrel up a giant cedar tree and then standing there for a very long time, baying while staring up the tree. He loved to play tug of war and we had to be careful as he could play rough!

His Christmas gifts from the Giving Tree consisted of squeaky toys he loved and a wonderful new bed he enjoyed, though he loved having the choice of many beds throughout the day. Buckley looked forward to his daily walks, even in his last days when it became more difficult to be so energetic, especially coming home. Our walks always went past a trucking company and the first couple of weeks when Buckley saw those trucks and truckers, we struggled to get him to come back home. He was fascinated. Perhaps he had been a truckers dog?

In the end all he wanted to do was please us but he just got too tired from the kidney disease. It became time for us to bid him goodbye for now. We will never forget our Buckley and we loved him dearly and now miss him desperately.

How easily they wiggle their way into our hearts. We will see you again, Buckley.