Bucky was left behind with another dog when his family moved. Bucky and the other dog were moved to a shelter and the staff knew Bucky would be hard to get adopted due to his age and size – he is 117 pounds. Old Dog Haven was contacted and Bucky moved into his permanent final refuge home. He received a wholehearted welcome and settled right in.

Bucky is so much more comfortable now that he is on medications for pain and arthritis. Recently he had a growth between his neck and shoulder that grew and became infected. After a course of antibiotics and an open wound for about two weeks the vets were able to surgically remove it. His sutures are out and he is doing great.

When Bucky first arrived he was calm but now he is calm and secure. He knows he is part of the family and has a home for life. Bucky has become more attached to us, more playful and more excited about eating. As big as he is, Bucky now gets a bounce in his step when it’s mealtime.

One of Bucky’s favorite things is playing fetch. He will even bring us a rock to play fetch with but we use balls for him to fetch. He also loves going in the koi pond for a drink. He doesn’t drink from the side…full body in and then drinks. We are working on that and he knows he not supposed to go in there.

Bucky loves all treat but especially loves the chewy dental sticks. He likes the dog bed in the foyer because he can see everything that is going on. He follows me everywhere I go. So does Frost another one of our ODH final refuge dogs. Frost only weighs 5 pounds and it’s a site to see the two of them follow me.

Bucky gets along wonderfully with the other dogs in his pack. We have three ODH permanent final refuge dogs (Hazard, Frost, Bucky) and one resident dog (Lucy). We added Bucky soon after we had lost our resident dog Cooper who we had for about 10 years. We weren’t expecting to get another ODH dog so soon but Bucky needed us.

Bucky is a very special dog who is wise, calm and strong. I feel like he has been through a lot and it has made him stronger. He has a presence about him, is so gentle and calm and is very comforting to have around. We got Bucky during COVID and his presence has taught us to be calm and in the moment. Persevere on, play a bit and it will be okay.

Update:  Sadly, Bucky’s health suddenly declined and his family had to say good-bye.  He was such a gift and will be remembered always.