Buddy is described as “the greatest, loving dog there is!”. This 11 year old boy weighs 13 pounds. We are told he is an Italian Greyhound. We see Miniature Pinscher but we are sure everyone will have a guess at it! Regardless of his breed, he is a very sweet and happy boy, especially when he gets to spend time with friendly dogs like himself.

No one has ever seen Buddy around a cat. He is good with kids, preferring older children aged 10 years old and over. Buddy is a barky boy. His people tried many ways to curb his barking and found success with the “Pet Corrector”‘; a harmless canister that emits a hiss of air to interrupt unwanted behavior. While this may not work for every dog, it’s worked so well with Buddy that all his people have to do now is pick up the can and show it to Buddy and he stops his barking! This is great but one must keep in mind if it stops working, further training could be needed. So a home where a barking dog could get one into trouble won’t work for Buddy.

We are told Buddy is great on leash. He would appreciate a home where he gets to enjoy daily walks. Buddy can manage stairs. Buddy is crate trained, will sleep in his crate at night and if his door is open to his crate during the day, he will sometimes get inside on his own just to hang out. He loves to burrow under lots of blankets. But Buddy’s favorite activity is to sleep in a warm human’s lap.

Buddy is fine to stay home when you must leave, managing a few hours before needing a potty break. Time to acclimate to a new home and friendly canine companionship will no doubt make the transition to his new life easier. Buddy needs an adopter who will keep him vetted regularly and provide him with good quality dog food. This sweetheart is going to make someone very happy! The hope is that Buddy’s next move will be with someone who will keep him forever. This is what all dogs long for and what we wish for them.

Buddy is located in Everett, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.