This is a lead text and needs your attention.
“Are you looking for a Buddy? Well that’s my name, Buddy! I am a big boy who weighs about 88 pounds. I am a 9 year old Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherd mix. I have spent my life being a guardian dog but now it’s time for me to retire and settle into a home where there’s a large fenced yard. This is for my safety as I have been known to roam and that could get me into trouble!

“I love getting out and meeting new people, seeing new sights and having new adventures! I am a nice boy who has lived with other dogs and cats. I am good with children who are gentle to me. I think it would be wonderful to join a home where there is another dog to be pals with. I get lonely and want to be inside with my humans and my furry friends too. People think of my breed as “outside dogs” but I assure you, we are very happy to be inside, as family members. Please, do not consider adopting me if you cannot do this for me.

“My current family has had me since I was a wee puppy. They have loved me but now they are elderly folks and they have multiple health issues. They worry about me getting hurt when I roam. I can break through their electric fencing with no issue! Those things can’t contain me! I am just going off to look for friends but they worry about me getting hurt. If they can find me a good home, that will be one less worry for them.

“When I’ve been allowed to stay inside my home I have been very good about getting outside to do my business. I am very good on leash. I can be a “talker” but that’s usually something I do when I am outside and lonely. I am longing for a cozy home with company!

“I need a home with someone who can commit to regular vet care, good quality dog food and grooming as needed to keep me as healthy as possible. Right now I can do stairs but as I grow older that could become difficult for me if I develop arthritis. I hear big dogs like myself can lose their home when they get too old and can no longer climb stairs. Their humans can’t pick them up as they would a small dog so they have to move or they are kept outside. I don’t want to go back to living outside again and I’m truly hoping my next move will be my forever home!

“So if you are looking for a big, furry, friendly buddy, I may be just who you are hoping for!”

Buddy is located in Stevenson, WA. For contact information please email:

This is a courtesy post. Buddy is not an Old Dog Haven dog.  We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.