Buddy was surrendered by his owner to a shelter who then asked ODH to take him and find him his forever home. Thanks to your support, an ODH Final Refuge home was found for this handsome fellow and he could finally get the good care he needed.

Buddy suffers from back problems and arthritis (common in Corgis/Corgi mixes) which is now relieved by medications for his pain and mobility issues. Buddy has a funny stride as a result of his arthritis and it looks like he’s marching when he walks. Buddy also had a dental cleaning which has increased his comfort even more–a mouthful of bad teeth is something no dog should have to endure.

Despite his mobility problems, Buddy loves going on short walks and exploring the neighborhood. He won’t let anything get him down! Another one of his favorite things is to spend thoughtful time in the yard. Buddy is very sweet and barks with pleasure when getting treats. He is a delight and brings joy wherever he goes.

Many thanks to Old Dog Haven and our supporters for providing the care Buddy needs for his senior years to be filled with happiness and joy!

Update:  After over seven wonderful months with his new family with only the usual old dog issues, Buddy  had a sudden heath crisis and we had to say goodbye.  He was a very special pup and brought great joy to his Final Refuge family.  His family will always remember this delightful boy.