Buddy Blue is seeking a quiet home that’s ready for the calm and devotion he will add to your life. He is a young senior at 8 years old, around 65 pounds, short haired, low shedding, and is guessed to be a mix of shepherd, border collie and something else. He is fit, housetrained, walks beautifully on leash, and is happy with a walk or two a day. He meets dogs on walks well and is learning to go on car outings. Blue is a somewhat reserved dog but he is starting to blossom in his foster home:   sitting up with paws on his foster mom’s leg asking for attention, and getting more excited when she comes home. He sleeps close by his foster mom when she’s on the computer or cooking, but isn’t a lap dog. He needs to be encouraged to greet new people, but then does it happily. Buddy Blue is currently living in a home with cats, a parrot and visiting dogs of various shapes, sizes and energy levels. Blue is just starting to learn what “play” means, both with toys and with other dogs, so he would be happiest with a dog that has a similar energy level and doesn’t expect him to play or wrestle. Blue does insist that he be in charge of his own toys and food. He’s very clear about it, no surprises, so another dog who will respect that ownership will be a welcome companion. Supervision will be required when introducing him into a home with another dog. His new people will need to be willing to continue to work with him on his resource guarding issues. He accepts trades from his foster mom, and waits for his dinner, will allow his foster mom to take it away, but he (like the rest of us), is a work in progress. Blue has a history of IBD/IBS that is well controlled with diet and inexpensive medications. Blue does not enjoy being around children and should not be in a home with resident or visiting children. Sweet Blue is really just looking for a place to chill out with a person(s) to love.

Buddy Blue (SAS ID#29044800) is posted for the Seattle Animal Shelter located at 2061 15th Ave W, Seattle WA 98119.

THIS IS NOT AN ODH DOG; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.