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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

Buddy was found in a hoarding situation, with five other chihuahuas and several cats.  The county held him for two months and then released all the dogs to a shelter and Buddy was the only one of the group that was not a good candidate for adoption due to his age and health problems, The shelter reached out to Old Dog Haven to see if there was a permanent foster home available and I was lucky enough to bring him into our home.

Buddy had been living with many health problems due to long-term neglect. He has arthritis and disc disease in his back. He no longer sees well and his lower jaw is completely gone.  He only weighed a little over 4lbs when he came to us and when he first arrived, he was very skittish and just shook all the time.  He started exhibiting signs of pain, but we’ve gotten him on anti-inflammatory medication, and he is also going to acupuncture, which has helped his mobility and made him more comfortable.

It took him about a week to adjust to his new home.  He used to hide in various places in the house but now enjoys exploring all of the time. He loves being around our resident Dachshund, Jewel, and they are constantly cuddling together. He’s not big on playing with toys and he mostly enjoys sitting on my lap or bundled up next to the fire.  He also likes to stare at the refrigerator for hours, hoping a snack will magically appear for him, he sure does like food!  Jewel and Buddy play, but the poor old guy can only last a couple of minutes before he’s ready for a nap.

Buddy has a very loving personality, and he just always wants to be with me. He is adventurous for his old age and stature. If he’s not sleeping on me, he’s pitter-pattering around the house, exploring everything.  His tail is always wagging, he’s a happy little dude.

This little guy has brought us so much joy.  The expression on his face when he is demanding attention is the cutest thing ever.  Seeing him come out of his shell and thrive in our home has warmed our hearts!


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