Bugs, an adorable King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, was brought to the shelter at 13 years old by his owner. He had not seen a vet in over a year and aside from some cosmetic issues he had a heart murmur, was deaf, had a head tilt and possible limited vision. ODH was asked to take him and his foster family stepped in. His placement with his foster family was supposed to be temporary while he was vetted and a Final Refuge home was found. In the three weeks he was with them he wiggled his way into their hearts. Initial vet intake looked good and while he was with his foster family he gave lots of hugs, snuggles, and kisses and was the source of quite a few smiles and giggles. One night Bugs clearly began to not feel well and after a trip to his regular vet followed by an emergency vet visit it was decided he was undoubtedly suffering from a brain tumor. Saying good bye to him was very hard for his foster mom to do and she will always think of his tilted smiling face with love.

Many people tell her that he was lucky to have her, but she would argue she was the lucky one. She wouldn’t change her three weeks of cuddles or kisses for anything.

Bugs cavy 2-WR123015