Bugsy is a little Lhasa / Shih Tzu mix. He and a little friend came into a big shelter as strays. The shelter named them Flotsam and Jetsam, but Jetsam didn’t make it through the night. Flotsam, now Bugsy, was in such bad shape they had to completely shave him to get down to his infected stinky skin; the staff had no idea what kind of dog he was because he looked so bad. We were amazed at what emerged as he got cleaned up. Besides all the skin and ear infections, Bugsy also has dry eye that needs ongoing medication. His first foster mom did a great job with him, working through the worst of the skin infection. But, she has many other foster dogs and little Bugs really wanted to have his own person. Now he is with his final foster mom and one similarly sized foster brother. His skin is continuing to heal, and there is hope of him eventually sporting a fluffy Lhasa tail. Bugsy’s tail did grow into a wonderful plume and his coat became luxurious, thanks to much effort by all who cared for him. His mental state began to deteriorate rapidly, and we knew we could do no more to help him. He is missed by his ODH mom and his Lhasa “brother” who loved him. Bugsy passed away in 2014.