At age 13, Bumper the Beagle was left outside as his family was preparing to move. A caring neighbor took him in and discovered that he was blind and nearly deaf, and of course, in terrible physical condition. She asked ODH for help in getting him fixed up physically and finding him a permanent home. This funny guy just waltzed into his Final Refuge family, made himself comfortable, and has entertained them ever since. He likes to chase the cats when he’s bored but usually gets along great with the other animals. He is fearless and goes everywhere he’s allowed! Everyone loves Bumper and he’s really happy to be in such a great home.

Update:  Bumper spent an amazing nearly 6 years with his ODH family, reaching the age of about 18 according to former owners. He will be greatly missed to his family, his dog siblings and the cat he still was determined to track around the house.