We have no knowledge of BUSTER’s life prior to 2016 when he came into a Shelter.  In 2018 he was found abandoned in a foreclosed home, with no idea how long he had been left there.  A new home was found by a Good Samaritan, but just 2 years later he was again in need of a home when his owner died.  The same Good Samaritan stepped in again, and BUSTER came to Old Dog Haven where he will have a Final Refuge Home forever.

At 12 years old, BUSTER is a big boy – a Smooth Collie Mix weighing in at 81.5 pounds.  He has hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis, leaving his muscles atrophied and weak, and causing him to be ataxic and wobbly in his rear end.  When he first arrived, asking him to go for a walk caused him to pant loudly from the pain, especially if asked to go up any kind of slope.  He was immediately started on a comprehensive pain management plan, and even though going up-hill is still a problem, he now actually tries to trot !!!  We still have an additional medication to start phasing in, so hopefully he will improve even more.

His other medical issues include some compromise to his vision, an unusual ulceration on his skin, and the strong suspicion that he has Cushing’s Disease – further testing next month will give us more information.

BUSTER has a phobia of smooth floors, which prevented him from staying with previous placements.  But he has quickly learned the “lily pad” system of area rugs throughout his ODH home, stepping from one to the other.

He is an absolutely wonderful “old soul” with a calm and mellow personality.

Update:  After a visit to an Internal Medicine Specialist which included an abdominal ultrasound and additional specialized blood tests, BUSTER was suspected of having pituitary dependent Cushing’s Disease.  However, because he had erupted with a bacterial skin infection, and had chronic diarrhea of unknown cause, those became the priority for treatment.  After trying various options, the diarrhea was eventually brought under control with a very delicate balance of medications. The skin had to be treated topically only, as any oral medication ran the risk of upsetting his GI tract – he sported a large shaved area on his back for several months done for ease of treatment.

I always tell him he is “BUSTER BROWN – because your name is BUSTER and you’re brown.”

BUSTER lived for his daily walks, and could really sprint for about 10 seconds when he saw a rabbit.  But though his heart/mind/spirit and FRONT end were still eager and willing, his rear legs eventually would just not come along. Even with a Help ‘Em UP harness, the walks he loved so much became too much of a struggle.

After a wonderful 5 months with Old Dog Haven, BUSTER’s old soul was sent on his way.  He was kept pain free and mobile for as long as possible thanks to the generosity of the Old Dog Haven donors who sponsored him. I just loved him a bunch, and miss him terribly.

Pleading for pets

Still sniffing

Resting mid-walk