Buttons is a truly lovely little Papillon, beautiful with a nice coat, quiet, well trained and well mannered, good with other animals and easy to live with. Not the kind of dog you’d expect to be a “stray” at a big shelter. Nevertheless, little Buttons ended up there. He was a cryptorchid and when the vet began to neuter him she discovered a highly malignant tumor on the retained testicle. Since we don’t know if cancer cells had spread to other parts of his body, we don’t expect that he will be adoptable. He will spend his life, whether a short or very long time, in a Papillon-loving Final Refuge home with dogs of all sizes and a lot of love. Little Buttons lived nearly 4 years with his ODH family, perhaps because he was happy and loved (and had excellent vet care). This tiny quiet little guy had a huge impact on his whole pack and is terribly missed. Buttons passed away September, 2015.