Little Cady came into a big shelter as so many cockers do: with many “cocker issues” neglected, she was a mess. Matted coat, ears horribly infected, “dry eye”, dental disease, cysts in many places. Her ears have been so sore from long-term infection that she still doesn’t want them (or her face) touched. Probably about 10 years old at the time, she joined an ODH family with another cocker and things started to get better. With lots of vet care, lots of effort, work on allergies, and inclusion in family activities, Cady is turning into a happy girl with a ton of enthusiasm and energy. Her ears may still need surgery but we are working on them medically and they are improving. She’s had a dental and the cysts that might bother her have been removed. The two cockers are becoming buddies and Cady is really blossoming – she particularly loves geocaching! This adorable little dog is having a great life now.

Update –  In her more than two years with her ODH family, Cady fought many battles:    A major ear surgery, an anal gland surgery, allergies, pancreatitis, the list goes on.  Through it all she was cheery and lively.   When that attitude changed, her family knew the time was coming.    She was sent on her way when her very old body could no longer keep going – she is so missed.