“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” A. A. Milne Caesar was found in a park by kids as a “stray”. The shelter contacted us to ask if we had room for “an ancient, decrepit Chihuahua”. Caesar was indeed a very old dog who had obviously been neglected for quite some time. He was practically hairless, his skin was red and inflamed. He was very thin and his mouth reeked from the infection in it. Caesar had heart disease and he walked slowly, hunched over due to pain from arthritis and deterioration in his spine. Despite his age he kept the sweetest puppy face. We went to work on getting him as comfortable as possible. Surgery was not an option for Caesar due to his heart and advanced age. With regular medicated baths, a good diet and supplements he started to grow in beautiful patches of hair. Caesar loved the sun, he would often go out on the deck at his foster home and lay out in the sun. There were times when his actions matched his puppy face; at night he would “run” down the hallway when he knew it was bedtime, with his tail wagging. He slept in the bed with his fosters and when his foster “mom” set him in the bed, Caesar would roll onto his back and rock back and forth. Caesar looked like he was smiling when he did this, his little tongue hung out the side of his mouth as it often did. Caesar was the perfect little dog to take along for outreach events his foster mom would go to, he was just happy being with her and she him. People often say that we are giving so much to these old dogs by giving them homes but Caesar was one of those dogs who gave so much more to his foster mom. During times of sadness or stress, Caesar would know that she needed a break. He would walk over and “present” himself to her to break up her routine. Of course it was assumed that Caesar would not be around long but he thrived longer than anyone expected. A little over a year after being rescued, when his health and mind started to decline, his foster family knew setting him free was the kindest thing to do for him. Caesar was a very special little dog who is greatly missed and he will always be remembered.