8 year old Captain is a 12 pound mixed breed-perhaps a cocker/poodle? Whatever he is, we think he’s a cutie! Captain is very smart and he loves to learn new tricks. His repertoire is impressive; he knows how to high 5, shake hands, speak, spin, dance, sit, stay, lay down and may even roll over for you once he knows you can be trusted. When he was first adopted, he didn’t know what toys were, he was afraid to cuddle in your lap, and a hair brush was pure torture. However, after time and patience this little guy loves to play with toys, loves being brushed and being snuggled closely. His favorite hobby is people watching; he will let you know if any delivery person is in the area! Captain enjoys short walks and rides well in the car (but does get extremely excited). He has attended dog care regularly for the past 5 years and does well with other dogs, he doesn’t love them or hate him, he tolerates them. Captain would rather have the attention of the daycare handlers for pets all day-can you blame him? We are told he has lived with a guinea pig and had no interest in having her for lunch. Captain has seen cats and didn’t chase them. He is protective of his home and will chase any animal that may enter his yard. Reportedly he can be left alone at home, uncrated. Captain currently has a dog door and is potty trained. Prior to the dog door he was able to hold it 6-8 hours. Captain can stay alone for a work day. Unfortunately his current home has become too much for him to handle, and he is very nervous, sad and has very bad anxiety. He is now being treated with Prozac that is helping a little, but the belief is he would not need this medication if he was in the right home. A home without children is a must. With the arrival of a new baby he is uncomfortable with the random schedules and sudden noises. Captain likes his sleep undisturbed.

Captain is a sensitive boy who is also is slow to trust men, but will if they are gentle and sweet to him. He still can run, jump and play right along with the young pups! According to his people, the only sign of aging is that he has is some very minor vision loss. The belief and hope is that he will be happier thrive in the “right” home-is yours the one for him?

Captain is in Redmond, WA. hoping for his true forever home.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.