PERMANENT ODH HOME WANTED:     Cardigan welsh corgi, intact/cryptorchid male, 34 pounds.  This little guy is losing his loving lifetime home and has a very stable, easy to live with personality.  He’s good with dogs – LOVES big ones – and cats, enjoys the dog park and beach, great with kids and very friendly with pretty much all new people as long as peaceful.   He has some new medical issues that are concerning for Cushings or liver disease and he needs to be neutered right away!   He’s quite overweight now and having some mobility issues that may be due to the extra weight or his spine?    So, he will take a lot of effort at first to get his health figured out.    He sounds like a very nice guy who would make the effort worth your while.

Help Cardigan Welsh Corgi Boy

Please contact Old Dog Haven for information about Cardigan Welsh Corgi Boy, or find out more information about being an ODH Foster home.