Carlos‘ beginnings are a bit of a mystery.   We know he’s a chihuahua.   Yes.  Definitely a chihuahua.   But other than him being surrendered and eventually finding his way to ODH…his former life is a mystery.

Carlos came from his foster home with a stuffed bunny.  He loves Bunny Baby.  He goes and finds her when its bedtime and snuggles up as he falls asleep. In the morning, he  brings Bunny Baby into the living room, where he enjoys spending the day.

Carlos has four wobbly knees, which give him a bit of a swagger.  He has allergies, which make him very itchy and susceptible to skin problems.  Thanks to ODH providing excellent vet care, his allergies are being managed and his hair is growing back.  Little Carlos is living his best life as a final refuge dog with a family who adores him.

Update:  Very suddenly Carlos’ health failed him – the vet suspects it was a brain tumor – and his loving family had to say goodbye.  He was such a special boy and was cherished by his Final Refuge mom.  He will be greatly missed  and we are grateful that he was able to know such love and care at the end of his life.

A special tribute to Carlos from his Final Refuge Mom:  “My sweet boy,  you were snuggling at my feet and then I was rushing to the vet to say goodbye.   I knew I wouldn’t have you forever but three months wasn’t enough.

“We fell in love at first sight.  You were such a silly, naughty boy.  You and Bunny Baby.   She was always right there with us.  You brought her to bed every night.  Every morning you brought her into the living room.  You carried her outside to potty, and if you’d put her down, ran back to bring her in when outside time was over.  She stayed by your side as you crossed the rainbow bridge.

“I miss your smokers voice bark when I came home.  I miss you sitting on the kitchen table waiting for dinner as I cooked.  I miss you.

“You were a great dog Carlos.  I wish we’d had more time –  so much more time.  You brought me joy and love.  I’ll see you on the other side my sweet boy.  I will love you forever.  I will miss you for always.

“Forever and Always, Your mommy”