Cassie, 4-pound toy poodle with a little something else in there, arrived at the shelter two weeks before her 11th birthday, terrified, confused and in need of immediate medical care. She had not been spayed, and as a result had three mammary tumors that had a 50% possibility of being cancerous. Half of her teeth were missing and the rest were rotten and needed to be extracted. Her toenails were overgrown and curled and she had an ear infection. Reportedly, she had never been to a vet and was deaf. Soon after coming to her ODH home, Cassie had a very big day in surgery where she was spayed; had a dental in which it was discovered that her jaw had disintegrated and had been replaced with cartilage; her mammary tumors were removed; and she was microchipped. Later, lab results indicated that the tumors were benign and not cancerous. One by one Cassie’s medical needs were addressed and she began to feel better.

Cassie is doing well in her Final Refuge home and is a favorite of all she meets as her personality has started to bloom with confidence. She is the only pet in the house and gets lots of love and attention. Her favorite things are meal times and sitting on her foster mom’s lap…and getting massages.

Update:  Little Cassie’s body finally failed her and her  Final Refuge mom sent her on with much love.  She was such a tiny thing, and brought so much joy to all who knew her.  She was very fortunate indeed to have such a loving home and the very best care.