CeCe lost her home when her elderly owner was no longer able to care for her.  When CeCe first came to her foster home, she was a very round little dog that had recently been through surgery to remove bladder stones.  Her new foster ‘mom’ was asked to get her to a healthy weight and to follow the vet’s directions to make sure she didn’t develop new bladder stones.

 In the beginning, CeCe couldn’t walk very far, but with daily practice she built up her stamina and grew to enjoy her daily walks, especially if they were to the park! CeCe always looked for children at the playground because she adored children.  Her foster mom could often be seen asking parents if her dog could meet their kids. Otherwise, she could be a small but immovable force, refusing to leave the playground.


After one of these meetings at the playground it occurred to foster mom that what CeCe needed was to be a ‘read-to’ dog in school.  With this new goal in mind, foster mom did research, got permission and began a training program proving that an old dog can learn new tricks, even if you she is a breed not known for outstanding obedience skills.  It took the better part of year, but CeCe did master the necessary skills, with patience and lots of practice, to pass the team evaluation and become a registered Pet Partners therapy dog.

CeCe read with kids at elementary school for almost two years, providing that little extra support that some kids really need.  She also visited a memory care facility for several months before health problems forced her to retire from therapy work.

CeCe was a sweet-tempered little dog with a big personality that liked every person she met, and brought joy to so many children and adults.  She was much-loved by many, and was an inspiration to her foster mom, who honors her memory by continuing the work at school with her personal dog, who became a registered therapy dog a year after CeCe did, because if one is good, two is better.  CeCe, you are missed.




CeCe helping with a crafts project!