Cecil was ‘sprung’ from the shelter in late January 2016, where he had been dumped along with a female  who was in such tough shape that she had to be euthanized. Cecil was in rough shape himself- with heart, eye and dental issues (2 oro-nasal fistulas, dental abscesses, rotten teeth…), needing lots of attention, but with the potential to recover – and boy has he done well!  After a visit to the cardiologist, regular visits to the opthalmologist, a dental and cryptorchid neuter, and work on his ears, he’s in way better shape.

Cecil is a spunky little guy – full of personality. He has adapted very well to his foster family that includes 3 other elderly dachshunds. Cecil is functionally blind, but has found a ‘partner in crime’ in his new sister Dolly, a blind-since-birth dapple. He LOVES his foster Dad and waggles with excitement when they are together. His is still not sure of his foster Mom and growls at her with some regularity.  But she takes it in stride, given his history, has nicknamed him ‘Cranky Butt’, and looks forward to turning those growls into purrs.

Cecil doxie flower-FR041216