Cedar is a beautiful beagle who came to ODH after being a “stray” at the shelter.    She had two mammary tumors  (and of course wasn’t spayed) and a huge ulcerated tumor on her shoulder that had been left untreated far too long. The tumor unfortunately also had a foul smell that made it hard for people to be around her so she didn’t get a lot of human affection.  Despite her unattractive appearance, her spirit and lovable nature shined through to all who met her.

ODH sent her to a home with an experienced foster mom who could help her through the major surgery and recovery.  We are happy to report that her surgery was successful.  Given all these tumors she will stay in her ODH home  where she can be monitored carefully.    Cedar is having the time of her life playing with her “brother” Kane, who is also a Final Refuge dog, and her younger “sister”.

Life for Cedar is now very happy, safe and full of love and attention.  Cedar’s favorite thing to do is play with her siblings and carry a soft toy in her mouth around the house.  Her foster mom even bought a bigger couch just so that Cedar can be included with all the other dogs and snuggle and watch TV!  Life is good!

Update:  After a wonderfully long and very happy time in her Final Refuge family, sweet Cedar’s health suddenly failed so her Mom had to let her go.  Cedar will always be remembered – she had such a delightful time in her final home and was very much loved.