Chance is a 10-year-old beagle, about 40 pounds, who is simply a great dog:   He is friendly with all people – his family, kids and new people visiting.   He is friendly with dogs and not dominant at all.  He mostly ignores the cats in his foster home .  He has no problem with stairs, he knows a lot of commends, he stays at home with his dog buddy during the day without problem – a midday break is sufficient.    He enjoys the car and, though he likes to sleep a lot, he enjoys a short walk and is great on a leash – moseying along sniffing everything just like a beagle.   What more could you ask?

Chance is a happy-go-lucky dog who easily goes with the flow of things.    Very sweet and friendly, he just wants love and attention and a warm place to sleep.  He loves to be wrapped in a blanket with his head covered and can even wrap himself up.    What a dog – well trained, well behaved, easy-going, and talented as well!      Chance is in an ODH foster home in Puyallup WA and looking for a committed home that will appreciate and love him.

THIS DOG BELONGS TO ODH; please contact for information and an adoption application.