Meet Charlie, a 79 pound yellow Labrador Retriever. This handsome boy will turn 11 years old in June of 2021. Charlie is described as “a very sweet and very devoted dog”. He loves to snuggle, loves to play and he loves to please his people.

It’s believed that Charlie would do best as the only animal in his new home. Charlie is most comfortable in his kennel when his people leave the house. He can manage quite a while without a potty break but Charlie won’t be happy being left alone for long hours at a time; but what dog is?! With his move, he will need an adopter who will be patient and understanding with him while he adapts to his new life.

Charlie spends his days able to go in and outside when he pleases. He will take his job of protecting your yard from squirrels and possible intruders seriously! A home with a securely fenced yard would be best for Charlie.

At this time Charlie can do stairs but keep in mind, he’s a big boy and as he ages, stairs could become difficult to manage. As we remind everyone, if you can’t carry a dog up and down stairs to get them outside to potty, a ramp or some other sort of aid will be necessary once they become arthritic and/or their peripheral vision starts to become impaired. Too many big old dogs fall, become injured and are re-homed because they couldn’t manage stairs anymore.

Charlie has not had recent lab work; something we recommend a senior dog should have at least once a year, even if they appear healthy. His owners have kept him updated on vaccines and regular exams. Charlie’s adopter should be ready and willing to commit to his lifelong vet care and good quality food. Charlie has a history of pancreatitis so NO TABLE SCRAPS, he needs a consistent healthy diet.

We are told Charlie is an active boy who does not show his age. Charlie loves to play ball.  He does great on leash and would love a home with someone who will get him out for lots of exercise. Charlie is a strong, big boy. His adopter should be able to manage that strength. Charlie gets anxious during car rides, he’s not going to be a ride along buddy for someone. But can you imagine that lab “happy tail” wag when you get back home? That is just the best!

Charlie is located in Lakewood, WA. For contact information please email:

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.

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