Charm is a beautiful border collie who came to the shelter at a very advanced age. He arrived at his ODH home seeming very weak; this turned out to come from a serious case of pneumonia which required several days in a specialty center hospital. After the pneumonia was resolved Charm turned into a quite lively, happy, outgoing old man – very different than the dog who stepped out of the transport volunteer’s car. As a very senior citizen, he has arthritis in his hips and spine which are treated with medication. He struggles with chronic urinary tract infections but overall is enjoying his retirement.

Charm will be loved and cared for until he tells us it’s time to go.

Update:  Charm spent more than 2 great years with his ODH family, ending at 17 years old – a wonderful gentleman with so much character.     His ODH mom says:   Loving Charm was one of the best and most rewarding experiences of our lives. We miss him dearly but are so grateful to ODH for helping him and giving us the opportunity to give Charm a loving home where he could be the center of attention.