This is Chase. Chase was found as a stray, his coat matted to the skin and filthy. He was shaved under anesthesia and had lots of loose hanging skin. Chase has been in his ODH Final Refuge home for several weeks now and he’s working on enthusiastically gaining weight. He is also starting to truly relax – showing the different facets of his personality. With each revelation he looks deep into your eyes asking if you’re going to accept him. “Will you still love me when I try and potty inside? When I snap if you touch my food bowl? If I shred the paper towel you attempt to wipe my face with nightly? If I snarl when you give me eye drops? Or growl when you move me off your lap momentarily?”

With each yes, he relaxes just a bit more. It’s about building trust.  Tonight he got his third medicated bath and first brushing. And he melted. You know the shuddering sighs babies make as they fall asleep after crying?  Or the deep sighs of a weary soul finally slipping into rest peacefully? Chase shuddered and sighed and melted, completely trusting for the first time.  And so I sat on my kitchen floor for an hour and brushed him softly. He let Pepper cat sit next to him, and Bella dog nuzzle close as I cleaned his ears and checked his teeth and my fingers escaped whole.

Chase is a young senior at 10 years old, but he has had a hard life. He’s still full of joy, though, and he can be quite playful. He’s definitely loving. He’s a velcro saggy baggy elephant and always on my lap or by my side. But now we have trust with that love. What a gift!

Thank you Old Dog Haven for this sweet, sweet boy!

Update:  Dear Chase suddenly passed away after all our best efforts to pull him out of his health crisis.  His foster mom says “Chase was sensitive, he had an old soul and deep eyes. We called him our Eeyore dog and gave him kisses and pets to his sweet head all the time. He was absolutely showered in love. That’s the biggest gift we can give – our attention, care, understanding, gratitude and love. He gave and received it all. We are going to deeply miss our Chasey baby – thank you to Old Dog Haven for bringing him into our lives.  We are the richer for it in all ways.