Chester waited for days at the shelter but his family never came for him. We took one look at his face and we knew that we had to be his Final Refuge family. He had a very large, inoperable tumor, nerve sheath sarcoma, that was wrapped into his armpit. Because of that we were sure that Chester would be with us for a very short time. Eighteen months later, a mass on his spleen ruptured and he left this world. We enjoyed every minute with this handsome boy who was commonly referred to as the “Shameless Beagle”. He was gentle and tender-hearted, silly and funny and everyone loved him. Our time with these beautiful souls is always too short but we are always left with an abundance of love and a lesson on how to live in the moment.

Thank you, again, to Old Dog Haven, for making it possible for Chester to live his happily ever after with us.