Chet was turned into the shelter as a stray and the shelter staff immediately saw what a sweet fella he was.  Chet was placed in our Old Dog Haven Final Refuge home and his new life began.

When Chet came to us he had horrible dental disease and untreated kidney problems. He has since had a complete dental to remove his infected, rotting teeth and been put on proper medication to keep his internal issues at bay. Thanks to ODH, Chet received the best veterinary care available. They have tended to even our smallest concerns for him and the care Chet received has made his senior years much more comfortable. We are providing him with new favorite things and a loving home to nap in 24/7.

Chet has really fallen into a comfortable routine. He has always been a happy, spunky guy but he has gotten even happier and spunkier!  One of his favorite things is “chasing” the cat. He can’t keep up in the slightest but that does not stop him from trying. Chet also loves sleeping on a comfy bed, riding in the car, going to the park and lying in the grass on a sunny day. He has two big comfy beds that move around the house depending on where he thinks the action is.

Chet has a very distinct, hound-sounding bark when he is excited, which is very fitting for this handsome old man. He will bark and tap his feet on the ground when he is happy and always gives us a big welcome when we come home.  Chet also loves living with his pack mates. One of Chet’s pack mates, Ben, is very gentle around Chet – Ben senses that Chet is a bit fragile.

Chet has definitely brought a light into our lives! We have always fostered senior pets but this is our first time being an ODH Final Refuge home. Chet is a sweet, spunky, calm dog and we are so happy he gets to spend his final years with us!

Update:  Dear Chet clearly enjoyed his time in his final refuge home – though it was not nearly long enough for his humans.  His health suddenly failed and we had to say goodbye for now.  Chet really thrived with all the love and care and we were very blessed to have him share his life with us.