Chewy landed in a shelter as a neglect confiscate, supposedly 15 years old, and remained there for more than a year during a court battle for his custody. When he was finally released to the shelter the officers, who had tried so hard to take care of him all that time, sent an SOS to ODH: a 16-year-old Pekingese with serious neurologic issues needs a final home right away. Despite limited mobility he was DETERMINED to get outside and get around and he could cover more ground than anyone expected. From his foster mom: He came to our home and seemed very stoic, a bit shut down and unsure about living in a real home with a yard. After a few weeks, we started to see his little light shine and his true personality started coming out. He is very curious and quietly adventurous and, when he is not napping the day away, he loves to explore his new property – waddling around sniffing every bush, rock, patch of grass. When he is done, he sits down and barks for mom or dad to come get him! He has now learned to navigate the one step up to the kitchen by bunny-hopping and will sit with his new pack mates at our feet, anxiously waiting for a handout or for someone to drop something. He seems to be the most comfortable with his head on a pillow, wrapped in his soft baby blanket snug between his foster mom and dad in bed. Chewy became the baby of the family and spent almost a year being spoiled before his health started to decline. His body and mind had slowed, his days became a struggle and it was obvious it was time to say say goodbye. Chewy and his larger than life personality will be greatly missed. He passed away November, 2014.