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ODH PERMANENT FOSTER HOME FOUND:     6# (thin) unspayed female, probably chihuahua-rat terrier.   This beautiful little dog is just plain terrified in the shelter.    She has relaxed a bit with 3 extra days but is going to require a lot of patience to get her over her fear (and may always be difficult for vet exams).   She lived with another small dog who is very confident, wasn’t bothered by a medium-sized dog and a cat we tested her with, and probably should live with another dog for “security”.     She has a heart murmur, an odd gait in the back end, and a couple of masses and of course needs to be spayed.   Mostly she needs a patient home to let her feel confident and settle in.     If you could do that, and have tiny dog experience, please let us know immediately!

Help Chi/Rat Terrier Girl – ODH Home Found

Please contact Old Dog Haven for information about Chi/Rat Terrier Girl – ODH Home Found, or find out more information about being an ODH Foster home.