Best buddies Chico and Rusty are good pals who have lived together for the past 7 years when Rusty was adopted from a shelter. Rusty is an 8 year old yellow lab who weighs about 50 pounds. Chico is a 9 year old boxer who is a hefty 90 pounds. Rusty and Chico’s owner recently passed away and now they are hoping to find an adoptive home where they can live the rest of their lives together.

While Rusty is a bit more active, Chico is more sedate. Both boys should see a vet for full exams as it is unknown when that was last done. There could be a medical reason for Chico’s weight. We are told he has some arthritis that he receives a supplement for. Stairs aren’t easy for Chico but Rusty can do them without issue.

Rusty does best with other bigger dogs. He doesn’t seem to appreciate small dogs and he will chase cats. Chico doesn’t care for cats either.  Rusty can jump up on people so he wouldn’t do well with young kids as he could accidentally hurt one. Kind children are fine by the boys, they just want to be treated with respect.

At this time the boys spend their days going in and out of the house as they please using a dog door. A home with a large fenced area would suit them nicely. Rusty will pull on lead if he sees a cat. Chico tires easily on walks; another reason he should be vetted. The boys haven’t had training on leash so one must be able to handle their excitement when they get out for a walk.

These friends are sweet, happy dogs who love people and each other. They are affectionate and appreciate attention from their humans. Rusty and Chico sound like a fun pair of dogs!

Chico and Rusty are posted for their caregivers in Tacoma, WA. They need a home very soon. For contact information please email:

These are not ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evalutaion. 

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