PERMANENT ODH FOSTER HOME NEEDED:     Chihuahua-beagle mix, neutered male, 15#.    He’s pretty darn cute, isn’t he?    He will lose his lifetime home fairly soon but really needs a quiet patient spot as quickly as possible.    He is in quite good health other than allergies which are controlled with a monthly injection.    However, since his family added little children, he has been very anxious – meds have helped but not enough to let him relax.    He may well struggle after a move, but we really hope that he would be happier in a home without small children, with a reliable routine that he can count on.    He has lived with big and small dogs and with cats n the past (and even shared his bed with a cat friend).    He enjoys short walks, fetch and short games of tug-of-war too; he’s happy to get under a blanket on your lap for a snuggle as well.  He will take some patience at first but he sure sounds like he’d enjoy a less chaotic situation and someone who could spend time with him.


Help Chihuahua-Beagle Mix Boy

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